What? You Call That News?

I am baffled. How can so many people actually get torn up over a celebrity breakup? The other day one of the leading news stories was the breakup of Brad and Angelina. Certainly it is a sad event but is it headline worthy? Is it something that should ruin the day of people who only know this couple as celebrities? Is it possible only the media deems this as an event everyone should be distraught about? This media incident leaves me couple-1scratching my head with not one louse in sight. Wait, I think louse is singular for lice. It’s either that or singular for someone’s shiftless brother-in-law who can’t find a job and sleeps on the couch. I’ve been lucky in that department but I know a guy who had . . . Wait a minute. I’ve totally gone off track. Is this story that meaningless to me? Not to be insensitive, but maybe.

Brad and Angelina are two people I don’t know and never will. We don’t run in the same circles. Although, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy that once saw Brad Pitt mowing the grass. The story sounds kind of fishy. If Brad Pitt ever owned a lawn mower I’d be shocked. It could have been at his parent’s house before he became a celebrity. I would also have to find out if this guy who saw him was trustworthy. That would be hard since . . . I’ve done it again. It could be I’m truly callous to the plight of celebrities.

A few years ago my neighbors separated and then divorced. It was a close neighborhood and we all hung out on occasion. We had to decide which half of the couple we would hangcrying-emoji with. Before that problem was solved another neighborhood couple divorced. I had to ask myself what the heck was going on. Were we all doomed to follow this path? Not only that but now we had another decision to make. This one would be easy for me. I played golf with him and she was a  . . . let’s just say a hard person to get along with. It wasn’t long before both problems were solved. The guy I played golf with started dating the wife of the other divorced couple. They eventually married and . . . Again I’ve strayed from the misfortune of Brad and Angelina.

   It’s true. I just don’t care. Of course I feel bad for any misfortune that befalls another human being but aren’t you just asking for trouble when you divorce your spouse to marry another? So, until someone close to me gets a divorce, adopts twenty or thirty children from a foreign country, or stars in the next blockbuster movie I’ll remain distant and aloof to the suffering of our celebrity community. Also, I do feel bad for the kids in this divorce but that’s not what the media stories have been about.



5 thoughts on “What? You Call That News?

  1. Love your sense of humor and your writing, and am right in line with you and Peach about the celebrity gossip as news nonsense. However . . . I hope you’ll give me a chance to change your mind about handling the breakups of couples you actually know.

    WHY do people feel they have to choose? If you like them both, continue to socialize with both – singly, if possible, never invited together to small dinner parties where they might be forced to sup and glare, but they can avoid each other at bigger parties and probably know how to behave themselves in public. Life isn’t sand lot baseball, after all, where you’re forced to choose the members of your team. If your friends are old enough to marry and divorce, they’re old enough to deal with a few other grown-up facts of life beyond High School.

    If you don’t like one or the other (like one of the wives above), don’t promote the choosing meme as the reason why you don’t see that one anymore. Connection is valuable and too hard to come by in this isolated, cell-phone world of ours! Keep your friends. Post-divorce, they’ll both probably love you for it.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. I’ve also found it all shakes out in the end. If you weren’t close to one or the other they tend to avoid social activities until you gradually grow apart. It’s kind of like a scab. Eventually the open wound scabs and before you know it the scab falls off and with a little time you forget all about it. I really didn’t mean to call someone a scab but if the shoe fits . . .

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      1. lol – I know what you mean. Some relationships are what I call “slot” relationships – perfectly fine people you probably would not have befriended except for the slot they fit into in our relationship boxes. Lose the box, lose the slot.

        Didn’t mean to lecture – I’ve spoken with so many lonely people attempting to rebuild lives post-divorce because they got the short straw when their friends picked sides, it’s become sort of a hot-button for me.

        Women tend to lose out most often – time covered up with kids and house, they generally don’t feel like they can spare the time for golf, etc. – even when they encourage their husband’s outside activities (and especially when they gotten a bad rep because they don’t!) So your article hooked me, even though it was clearly meant to be amusing. Oops!

        Like the song says, Everybody’s “got to have friends – la la la la, la la la.”

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  2. I agree with you! I’m not a follower of celebrity drama, but even if I was, I think it belongs on entertainment gossip programming and not on the news. We don’t get enough journalism on important events happening around the world as it is.

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